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West 1 Arts


Today we’re bringing the incredibly talented illustration agency West 1 Arts who been bringing their incredible skills to the design table since 1967, now that’s a long time ! Continue reading →

Illustrator: Roger Xavier

Roger Xavier Front

Well it’s Friday again and whilst they alway seem to role around too quickly we know you all look forward to the introduction of a new industry profession, this time in the form of Roger Xavier. Continue reading →

Illustrator: Steve Noble

Steve Noble Front

Today we’re bringing you the extremely talented illustrator Steven Noble. Rather than let us introduce the man himself we thought we’d use this passage of text we found whilst scanning Continue reading →

The Bernard Series


This Wednesday we bring you The Bernard Series by Simon, a branding and packaging agency based in South Africa set up by Simon Erik Frouws. No prizes for guessing where the agencies Continue reading →

Illustrator: Paul Desmond


This Friday we bring you Illustrator Paul Desmond, his website doesn’t throw up much information about the man himself, so who he is and where he’s from will remain a mystery for the moment. Continue reading →