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Typography: Keith Morris

Keith Morris Lettering Artist Front

Today I’m bringing you the incredibly talented Australian based lettering artist Keith Morris. Continue reading →

Alex Troucht

Alex Troucht Front

Today we’re bringing you the world reknowed designer, illustrator and typographer Alex Trocht. Continue reading →

Alison Carmichael

Alison Carmichael Front

Well we’ve just realised that this post got published before it was finished which we’ll put down to some teething problems on our return but today we’re brining you the final version Continue reading →

Brand Lettering

Brand Lettering Front

Today’s industry expert is Chris Weir’s, a UK based typographer who’s skilful hand has helped numerous world renowned brands look really rather good. Continue reading →

Interview: Benjamin Carr

Ben Carr front

Today we’re extremely lucky to have the incredibly talented Benjamin Carr on hand to answer some questions and share a few thoughts, so without further ado lets get down to it. Continue reading →


Seven Seas Ilumnia Fornt

Sticking to our Health and beauty theme today we’re bring a simple yet elegant piece of packaging from world renown design agency Elmwood. Continue reading →

Soto Skincare

Soto Front

We don’t know why but we woke up today with an urge to post some health and beauty design. So with that in mind this will be the first of 2 posts featuring beautifully designed products around Continue reading →

Illustrator: Alex Beltechi

Alex Beltechi Front

Today we’re following up on Wednesdays post by bringing you the incredibly talented, typographer, illustrator and designer Alex Beltechi. But there’s no need for us to explain more Continue reading →

Waxing Kara

Waxing Kara_Front

Former graphic designer and artist Kara Brook started her company Waxing Kara after becoming a beekeeper. Having initially planned to create wax paint she quickly realized you get more Continue reading →

The Dirty Apron Delicatessen

The Dirty Apron Delicatessen

Todays post is a little bit different from the usual offerings of pure packaging design in that it mixes the worlds of branding and packaging to produce a beautiful range of Continue reading →