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Wild Bounty

Wild Bounty Front

Here’s one from the incredibly talented Auckland design agency Dow Design, but rather than let us tell you about it let’s hand you over the company themselves. Continue reading →

Amicii frozen vegetables

Amicii Front

Well things have been a little chaotic here at PDB headquarters in the last 2 weeks so today we’re bringing you what should have been Monday’s post (sorry folks we know we’ve been slacking). Continue reading →

R Design – Tesco Take 2

R Design Tesco Front

Following on from our previous R Design post and their recent redesign for Tesco’s ice cream accompaniments range we thought it was a good idea to bring you some of Continue reading →

Morrisons Bistro Concept


With our barcode post taking longer than we hoped (don’t panic it’s still on it’s way… bet you still can’t wait!) we decided to venture off and look for something a bit different and on our Continue reading →

ICA supermaket range

ICA front

Occasioanlly it’s nice to step back and look at a range of products as a whole to see how they work both together and individually, commonly this happens when looking at an agencies Continue reading →

Brazil Gourmet


Today we´re brining you the 2011 winner of the Packaging Design Magazine’s annual Makeover Challenge. The competition saw 4 design companies compete against each other to Continue reading →

R Design – Tesco


With their recent redesign of Tescos´ cream range, R Design have made packaging headlines once again. But rather than looking at just 1 product we here at The Packaging Design Blog Continue reading →

Biona Range Design


Browsing google for some design inspiration the other day I came across Biona Organic. Intrigued I delved a little deeper to find out that Pearlfisher did this rebrand a while back. Continue reading →