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Illustrators: Brosmind

BrosMind Front

Today we’re bringing you the incredibly talented illustration duo all the way from Barcelona, Brosmind. Continue reading →

Illustrator: Mr. Kone

Mr.Kone Front

Today we’re bring you an illustrator who’s delicious vector illustrations have graced billboards, printed pages and packaging for clients all over the world, today we bring you the incredibly talented Mr. Kone. Continue reading →

Illustrator & Visualizer: Mathew Hall


Increasingly within the industry packaging visualisers are becoming more common place, sometimes said visualisers rely heavily on a 3D based skill set and other times they rely heavily Continue reading →

Illustrator: Vanessa Wright


Today I’m bringing you an incredibly talented illustrator who has produced a large amount of beautiful work for a whole host of packaging clients and her name is Vanessa Wright. Continue reading →

West 1 Arts


Today we’re bringing the incredibly talented illustration agency West 1 Arts who been bringing their incredible skills to the design table since 1967, now that’s a long time ! Continue reading →

Ben Kwok & BLue Goose

Ben Kwok Front

Whilst perusing the ever excellent Under Consideration the other day I was taken a back by the Sid Lee designed Blue Goose project I found over there, and more over the illustrations it contained. Continue reading →

Illustrator:Adam Relf

Adam Relf

Somewhat later than we had originally hoped today we are finally bringing you an update to our original Milky Bar post with the super talented illustrator Adam Relf. Continue reading →

Alex Troucht

Alex Troucht Front

Today we’re bringing you the world reknowed designer, illustrator and typographer Alex Trocht. Continue reading →