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Menos es Mas


Today we bring you the rather charming Menos es Mas. Designed by Saffron Brand Consultants and bought to market by Coca Cola, the literal translation of the product means less is more. Continue reading →

Illustrator: Andrew Bannecker


Fridays seem to come so quickly and with this Friday comes yet another award winning illustrator, this time in the shape of Andrew Bannecker who is currently based just outside Washington DC. Continue reading →

Todo Naranja


This Monday we bring you Todo Naranja from Minute Maid, designed by BattleGroup (pronounced Bud·ge) based in Barcelona. Released in 2010 Todo Naranja, meaning all of the orange, Continue reading →

Aluminium Coke Can


I love this concept by Ryan Harc, simple, elegant and effective. There is some doubt as to how easily this could be produced, embossing on cans has come a long way but this level Continue reading →