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Illustrator: Luis Ramos

Luis Ramos Front

We know little about todays talented individual other than the fact that he’s Brazilian and well, talented. Continue reading →

Leap Studios

LeapStudios Frnt

After last weeks trip over to Brazil (metaphorically speaking) we thought we’d take you somewhere else exotic by traveling to the land of the pyramids, (that would of course be Egypt) Continue reading →

Behind the scenes: McDonalds photography

McDonalds Burger

Why does food always look so much better in the ads or on the pack, than it does in real life ? It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself a number of times, Continue reading →

Photographer: Paco Arará


Today we bring you Spanish photographer Paco Arrará, based in Barcelona he has produced work for many leading brands and he is as accomplished as any in his field. Continue reading →

Illustrator: Vincent Wakerley


This Friday we bring you yet another talented illsutrator in the form of Vincent Wakerley. Having started out using an airbrush before the mac (or PC if that way inclined) was the weapon Continue reading →