Designer / Illustrator: Jaime Nash


Today we’re bringing you the rather talented Mr.Jamie Nash, a designer and illustrator based in London who has produced work for clients such as Cadbury, Jamie Oliver, The Natural Confectionery Company, Pizza Express and Budweiser.

Who better than the man himself to explain his work, “I believe in ideas based design and I have an illustrative approach. I don’t have a signature style – I adapt my work to the client and brief, although at the moment I like experimenting with textures to give a handcrafted feel.”

This approach is clearly working, taking one simple example in the form of his illustrations for The Natural Confectionery Company we can clearly see some lovingly produced pieces which are the obvious heroes of the packaging and have added an exceptional charm and delight to the range as a whole.

For those interested in seeing more of his work check out his website or get yourself over to his latest project I’d like to be, a series of screen prints all in response to this phrase.

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