Brazil Gourmet


Today we´re brining you the 2011 winner of the Packaging Design Magazine’s annual Makeover Challenge. The competition saw 4 design companies compete against each other to redesign established beverage company Brazil Gourmet. The companies included CIULLA ASSOC, LeeReedy/Xylem, Little Big Brands and Murray Brand.

In December 2011 Murray Brand was annouced as the winner. With a bright and colourful design that evokes ideas of Brasil itself they had mangaed to take the core idea behind the Brazil Gourmet company and bring it to life. The new illustration is simple but effective and it has also cleverly allowed the brand’s toucan icon, which was once lost on pack, to be given a new lease of life.

The new deign allows the brand to stand out on shelf, it shouts freshness and quality without losing sight of the companies positioning, so well done to Murray brand for doing an excellent job.

The makeover challenge for 2012 is currently underway, 4 new design companies are taking part to redesign Klara’s Gourmet Cookies and we look forward to seeing the results which will be annouced in December of this year.

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