Illustrator: Andrew Bannecker


Fridays seem to come so quickly and with this Friday comes yet another award winning illustrator, this time in the shape of Andrew Bannecker who is currently based just outside Washington DC.

As his website states his work has been ¨featured in books such as Illustration Now, Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary and The Tote Bag and has been showcased in exhibitions of note all over the world.¨

That´s all pretty impresive, so what makes him so special? Well clients such as Coca Cola, Nike, Neiman Marcus and Starbucks, is a good start, but they´re just a drop in the ocean. His full client list reads like a who´s who of most influencial companies on the planet and puts this mans talents are in high demand.

His highly stylised works range from animals, landscapes, everyday objects and characters, through to typogaphy and icons. Each piece is clearly loving produced and often it´s the humour in the work that evokes a real emotional response. Looking at his full portfolio it´s easy to see why anybody would be charmed and it also becomes clear why people are knocking on his door on such a regular basis.

So as always please get yourself over to his website to check out more of his amazing work, or check out his blog for all the latest news.

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