Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch

Browsing the rather good BP&O blog the other day I came across this colourful piece of work for Sour Patch Kids created by Landor’s creative director Dale Doyle.

To quote the original text ¨The Sour Patch Kids is a US brand of confectionary created by Paul Mihalick in the early days of soft sugar-coated candy and now owned by Cadbury Schweppes.¨

This is a nice piece of FMCG work and a solid redesign, the iconic characters of the brand have been given new life both as silhouettes in the logo and as colourful illustrations on pack. The typography is playful yet modern and pack ensures stand out on shelf with it´s bright yellow background which stems from the original packaging. Overall it´s a nice redesign which will no doubt help boost sales immensely.

Below you can see the updated and old packaging as well as the new and old logo.

Original article here

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