Illustrator: Vincent Wakerley


This Friday we bring you yet another talented illsutrator in the form of Vincent Wakerley. Having started out using an airbrush before the mac (or PC if that way inclined) was the weapon of choice, he made the jump to photoshop once it had become common place and as such has been producing digital illustrations for over a decade.

As Vincent himself says he ¨now combines digital photography with his illustration skills to produce hyper realistic images for advertising and packaging.¨

These skills have leant themeselves well to packaging having produced illustrations for clients such as Marks and Spencer, Nestle, Cadbury, Mars & Coca-Cola, so it´s clear that his talents are well appreciated. Just a quick peruse of his website will leave your jaw hanging somewhere close to the ground in sheer ore of the quite marvolous work he produces and to top it all he´s also a throughly nice man too !

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