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Hey Folks, well we’ve been away for a while and thought it best to explain why as we may be down but we’re not out, so it goes…

So to keep this brief The Packaging Design Blog was started by 2 talented (we hope) packaging designers who, after months of frustration trying to find top quality talent, decided to set up a blog to record our finds and share them with the world so that you wouldn’t have to suffer as we had to.

But, and there’s always a but, over time we found ourselves struggling to compete with the heavyweight blogs on the web, hours were spent scouring the web for new and exclusive work for the blog and we lost sight of our main focus which was the promotion of talented industry professionals who have proven experience within the packaging design field.

That leads us onto today and another problem sadly one half of this dynamic duo can no longer invest time into the blog. So being the last man standing I’ve taken stock, had a think and decided that from 1st September onwards I will be posting every Monday focusing on that original idea.

I also have a few ideas up my sleeve to add some useful resources and links to the blog but for now at least things will stay pretty much the same with a few minor tweaks here and there.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon.

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  1. I can really appreciate the difficulty of trying to carve out your own space alongside the heavy weights. It’s incredibly difficult to build an audience when there are other blogs with teams of people posting multiple articles everyday. But we must remember, and this goes for The Dieline in particular, most started from nothing and should be applauded for managing to spot an opportunity so early on and amass such a following. The internet is pretty big and their are changing habits, I’m sure ’boutique blogging’ will be the new thing, that is to say sites that post a small but well chosen and consistent set of projects.

    Anyway look forward to seeing what you have lined up.


  2. admin says:

    Hi Richard,
    Moving forwards I will still be posting work that I find but rather than commit to 2 posts a week I will be posting on an ad hoc basis as and when I have time. I love my job and I get to work on some great brands but sadly working as a packaging designer means a lot of extra hours at work and for every hour there it’s one less spent here on the blog. Fingers crossed that TPDB will only grow from this stage onwards and thank you and everyone else who sent messages in for your support.

  3. Lee Barnsley says:

    I think it’s also worth noting that over the past 6 months, some of the heavyweight packaging blogs are starting to become victims of their own success. All too often you now see packaging examples that are nothing more than trends and will be gone from shelves no sooner than they have arrived. I can’t remember the last time I saw a good story about a solid rebrand for one of the leading FMCG companies such as Heinz or Nestlé on those blogs.

    Those blogs seem to have become curators of the industry, and it’s starting to put designers off visiting those sites, as it’s not portraying a true reflection of the industry anymore. Yes we would all love to work on a boutique wine or coffee shop, but the reality is that most of our projects are with exisiting brands and that’s where the real skills are.

    The thing I liked about this site was that it portrayed the industry in a true and fair way. Applauding the agencies that may have not have done something ground-breaking, but what those agencies did was build on the legacy and create a new appeal to audiences.

    I’d much rather see an agencies masterbrand approach to soup or oats, than a bespoke wine bottle. Please don’t lose sight of that, it’s why we came here in the first place :)


    • admin says:

      Couldn’t agree more Lee (& Richard), the larger blogs seem to be competing to put up work as quickly as possibly with little regard for quality. They will always have their place but increasingly I think that people within the industry are looking for alternatives.

      I also like your point about showing brands as a whole. Going forwards I will try and include something like this each month as I think you were spot on when you said that it’s tremendously difficult to find real brand stories elsewhere.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  4. MoBeta says:

    Just came across your blog & wanted to wish you luck.
    I’m an in house designer working in the fashion industry.
    I would love to see more label & hang tag work. Our dept.
    does branding along w/ packaging & lookbooks …and web and photography etc. etc.
    You know the story.

    Anyways my biggest peeve with what’s out on the web now—is the student work.
    So much is concept & not real world solutions. Also—Cost! I couldn’t even begin to discuss the
    challenges of private label. How may of those students/firms were told “you’ve got 30 cents.”?

    Cheers, Mo

    • admin says:

      Hi Mo,

      Hang Tags and label work are tricky as it’s such a specific section of the industry but if I ever come across something I like Id obviously be happy to post it.

      Regarding concept work I personally don’t have a problem with it but I do think people should declare it as concept work rather than trying to pass it off as finished because you say there are challenges in the real world that concept work often ignores. That said I do feel that going forwards 3D will become an increasing factor in our industry and soon I don’t think we’ll wont be able to tell whats real or what’s fake but thats a separate subject all together !!!

  5. Annie says:

    I’d love to see some more tutorials, in particular some FMCG packaging with alot of spot colours and maybe some photoshop DCS with it as well. It’s just that there isn’t much out there and when you say that there is so much heavy weight competition, I can see there is a real market for FMCG tutorials. Ive searched high and low and they really don’t exist much. That could be the difference in your blog and the audience you get. Even if you possibly charge a small fee for the tutorial, I would actually pay. Just my 2 cents. :)

    • admin says:

      Hi Annie,
      Thanks for your input, things are slowly progressing here but the day job means it’s difficult to get around to everything. I am indeed aware that there’s a shortage of quality tutorials focusing on packaging and in the future I would like to do some more (spot channels would definitely be on the list). That said its not planned for the immediate future as I really need to focus on the blog for the moment so maybe check back a little further down the road and see if there’s anything new.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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