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Gothia Launia Front

Eva Studio recently undertook the naming and design of Gothia Launia, an artisan beer produced by a microbrewery in Cataluña.

Here’s the low down on the project from Eva Studio:
“Gothia Launia, or land of Goths was the old name by which Anceint Cataluña was known, it was also one of the hypothetical etymological origins of Catalonia. The griffin, a mythical beast that is half lion and half eagle, forms the logo and was one of the elements we took from this ancient imagery in which develop the packaging design.

The beer has it’s own unique story behind it “We are in our land, in the year 900, surrounded by vineyards. We are in the Gothia, and the northern wind brings smells of malt and hops in the regions of Liege. During the same time, in the Belgian abbeys, large tanks that produce beer explode at a rapid pace, the first weisseiber beers see the light of day in Germany, and in Aachen, the modern city of old Europe and laws are made with a beer in hand. It’s been 1200 years, and today we still seem to get this beer-scented breeze. Today, our passion for great beer and brewers, inspires us and pushes us to create Gothia our own craft beer originated in Barcelona with it’s own universal projection.”

We love this design, it has a rich history woven into it that provides intrigue but most importantly lends itself to the design providing the iconic Griffin logo that sits at the heart of this bottle. Outside of the logo not much more is needed, some simple typography and a basic colour palette does the job nicely, all helping to finish off this excellent design.

To see more of Eva Studio’s work make you head over to their website now.

Beer bottle and glass images taken from Robert Justamante’s photo stream.

3 Comments on "Gothia Launia"

  1. That is really a very nice design with attractive packaging.

    • admin says:

      We couldn’t agree more, this was an unknown agency to us here at TPDB but now we’ve found them we’ll be keeping an eye out to see if they produce anymore eye catching work !

  2. Eye catching graphics definitely attracts consumer thereby increasing shelf appeal of any product

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