Undercover Pinot noir

Undercover PinotNoir

Todays project is another one from talented Bucharest based design agency Ampro design and their Pentaward winning self promotional project undercover Pinot noir it.

Here’s the low down on the project from Amrpo:
“To reinforce its reputation for creativity and “outside the box” design solutions, Ampro Design developed this special holiday gift for its clients. With many of its international trade customers not being allowed to receive gifts for various reasons, this was neatly circumvented by asking: “who would be upset to receive a bottle of milk?” Of course, no client would expect to receive a gift like this, even more so when it was discovered that the bottle in fact contains a fine Pinot Noir.

The main objective of this self-promo item was to stand out among the other gifts received by clients during the winter holidays. And it sure did.”

This one is intriguing to us, after a little discussion between the PDB team opinions we’re divided. Some thought the project was a unique and interesting take on the traditional christmas gift idea, whilst others felt it was “creativity gone too far”. So for the first time in PDB history we’ve decided to leave the opinions up to you, just let us know below what you think.

Ampro has a great portfolio of work and we encourage you to get yourself over to their website to check it out for yourself.

Creative Director: Irinel Ionescu
Senior designer: Francesca Muresan
3d & illustration: Alin Patru
Prepress: Danubiu Birzu
Project management: Simona Sambotin;
Production management: Cristina Cioarec
Production: Sprint promotion

3 Comments on "Undercover Pinot noir"

  1. NARROW says:

    definately creativity gone too far… sorry!

    • WIDE says:

      Why sorry? Why not! Challenge this category. Its either to conservative or to dull.

      • NARROW says:

        agreed we must challenge and strive to do new things but within reason… packaging design is not art… professional packaging designers must mix creativity with commercial objectives and must have an profound understanding of the consumer. This is design for design sake and nothing more (ie.art)… admittedly its for the studios promotional piece but I still think its creativity gone too far.

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