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Todays design comes all the way from the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, proving that great design can come from anywhere at anytime.

ABC produces a wide range of juices, with this one quite obviously one being aimed at children. The design itself was produced by the very talented Akim Melnik design studio but other than that background is sketchy (once again pun intended) on this one to say the least, we’re not even sure if ABC produces any other products so any help on that would be very much apprectaited.

The neat little design shows a great attention to detail with crisp photography and an overall theme of sketchbook based doodling that has been extremely well executed. The theme carries through to the sides and back of pack and all the products sit together as a cohesive fun range. Overall a really great design from an obviously talented studio.

As always we highly recommend checking their Behance page and website as they have some truly great work that shouldn’t be missed.

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  1. Jeen says:

    very good job! wonderful!

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