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After last weeks trip over to Brazil (metaphorically speaking) we thought we’d take you somewhere else exotic by traveling to the land of the pyramids, (that would of course be Egypt) and bring you the rather excellent Leap Studios.

To quote Leap Studios themselves, they are ¨A high-end creative production studio working closely with our clients to produce stunning imagery, we meticulously use all our available resources in the image tailoring process to meet our client’s need. And we believe that each image we do is a masterpiece, and we sign it with pride.¨

Masterpiece eh!, those are some big words to stand by but just a quick visit over to their website and I´d say they´re living up to them in every respect. From colorful food and product photography, through to some delightful creative retouching and skillfully handle CGI, these guys know what they´re doing.

That is further endorsed by the fact that major agencies such LEO BURNET, TBWA, OGILVY, JWT, work with them, not to mention brands such as Lipton, Mövenpick, Nokia, Panasonic. So at this point all we can really do is recommended that you get yourself over to their website or Behance page to check them out for yourselves.

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  1. Thank u so much for the great article, we really appreciate ur lovely words and support.

    kind regards from Leap Studios Jeddah-Cairo

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