Fairy Special Edition


Following on nicely from Mondays post “60 Jubilee Designs” we bring you a special edition design for Fairy washing up liquid.

Fairy has been in the Queen’s kitchen for over 50 years. Endorsed by the royal seal, it’s ‘a great British brand’. As the Royal wedding drew closer, Procter and Gamble wanted to celebrate the big day by releasing a special edition bottle and tin. The challenge came due to a Royal press office mandate prohibiting all disposable items of memorabilia, thus Fairy had to celebrate the Royal Wedding… without saying it.

The solution, from designer Stephane Garnavault, cleverly takes inspiration from the Queens carriage (and no doubt all things Royal and decadent). Using it’s well known Baroque style to create a design that effectively communicates the big day without saying it. The elaborate swirls perfectly compliment the Fairy brand and also carefully take into consideration the difficult printing restrictions that come with printing on a plastic bottle and tin. Lastly we find the rather well thought out ‘Fairy Tale’ sign off, which gives yet another tip of the metaphorical hat towards the occasion and no doubt also raised a few smiles.

Understandably the Limited edition tins sold out across the UK, so sadly you won’t be getting your hands on one anytime soon.

Stephane Garnavault currently works as a senior packaging designer for Landor, Geneva. For those who want to check out more of Stephane’s excellent work head over to his website.

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