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This ones hot off the press and it simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post it so we’re brining it to you a whole day early, now aren’t you lucky! Australian based Didi’s Food Adventures have just launched Momo’s Meals, their new range of freshly cooked baked beans, risottos and soups.

‘Momo’s Meals’ is so called as a tribute to Didi’s mum “Momo” who has been creating and cooking delicious and comforting food for as long as he can remember. The range is certified as organic and free of bad things but Didi goes that extra mile by adding ingredients such as house made stocks, fragrant freshly picked herbs and local farmhouse cheeses to make this range as deliciously mouthwatering as they look.

Unfortunately I cant find out who did the logo and overall design which really help make the pack work as a whole.* but I do know that the wonderful on pack illustrations were produced by Georgina Luck, featured here last Friday by ourselves. These illustrations really are the star of the show, they work perfectly both individually and as a whole and I think Georgina should give herself a little round of applause as this is one of the nicest pack designs I’ve seen in a while.

Head over to Didi’s Food Adventures website for more information on the products and links to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

*Since posting this we have learnt that the quite excellent, Austrilian based design agency Anatomy produced this packaging. Undoubtedly this great piece of packaging design is due to their vision and talent and as such we want to apologise for not included them in the original post. We highly recommend a visit over to their website were you can find more examples of their work.

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