Illustrator: Georgina Luck

Georgian Luck Icon

Today we’re bringing you the very talented Georgina Luck who is a freelance artist and illustrator currently residing in Brighton, England. As her website says she has “A passion for drawing from life and an interest in line quality through mark making form the basis of my work… I currently illustrate across a wide range of platforms including packaging, book jackets and outdoor media.”

With clients including the likes of: Marks & Spencer, Tesco, The New York Times Magazine, Saatchi & Saatchi, Friends of The Earth, Parragon Books Ltd, Town & Country and TAM Airlines (to name but a few) this girl is obviously impressing people and we want to join the club too !

Her watercolour paintings are simply wonderful, both expressive and carefree but also lovingly crafted and carefully produced. They have an artisanal feel to them that conjures up thoughts of the “old days” when things used to be done by hand with talent, quality and hard work having been the all important ingredients. You can somehow imagine Georgian sitting in a studio somewhere in Brighton, watercolours in hand, producing these great pieces of work that folks like us get to enjoy on a daily basis. In a magazine, at a restaurant, shopping in the supermarket, the possibilities are endless as to where you might find some of Georgina’s work but we’ve no doubts that you’ll enjoy them when you do.

So for those interested in seeing more of Georgina’s excellent work get yourself over to her website, Behance page or blog and if your lucky enough to live in the UK then maybe you can catch one of her exhibitions (check her website for listings).

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