What’s Happening


Hey folks, it’s been a while since there’s been any activity here on PDB so I thought I’d post a quick update on the situation so… Continue reading →

Farris Water

Farris Water Front

Today I’m bringing you the rather lovely redesign of Farris Water from the talented folks over at JDO. Continue reading →

Photographer: Jonathan Knowles

Jonathan Knowles Front

Today we’re bringing you the well established and incredibly talented London based photographer Jonathan Knowles. Continue reading →

Woodstock Bourbon


Today I’m bringing you an excellent little redesign from the talented folks over at Bonney Creative. Continue reading →

Typography: Keith Morris

Keith Morris Lettering Artist Front

Today I’m bringing you the incredibly talented Australian based lettering artist Keith Morris. Continue reading →

Ginger Joe


I had been wondering for some time which agency had designed the wonderfully simple yet clever design for Stonoes Ginger Joe. Continue reading →

Josh Wood

Josh Wood Front

Today folks we’re bringing you some lovely work from the good folks over at DewGibbons + Partners with their latest efforts for a Josh Wood and M&S collaboration. Continue reading →

Illustrators: Brosmind

BrosMind Front

Today we’re bringing you the incredibly talented illustration duo all the way from Barcelona, Brosmind. Continue reading →

Tetly Australia


Sdyney based design agency Boldinc have been working with Tetly Australia to help refresh their tea portfolio and today I’m brining you the results of this impressive partnership. Continue reading →

Tincup Whiksy

TinCup Whiksy Front

Tincup is a brand new American whiskey from the old Colorado mining country bought to you by Proximo Spirits and the incredibly talented folks over at Stranger and Stranger. Continue reading →