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November 2013

JDO upgrades and contemporises LUX packs in Japan
November 2013, London.

JDO Brand Design & Innovation has been working with Unilever to re-launch LUX in Japan. The agency has been working as LUX brand guardian with Japan since 2005, helping the brand to consistently remain a step ahead in the hair care category and act as a beauty icon.

JDO were briefed to upgrade LUX hair care packs and bring a new proposition to life based on brand values of admiration, sophistication and elegance. The challenge was to do this in an inspiring and contemporary way that was both relevant for the core user group in the 30s and 40s whilst also bringing in more younger and modern women. JDO were also tasked with shifting brand perceptions from competent and capable to more efficacious and pleasurable to use as well as upgrading the LUX brand to a more premium position.

By taking the strong equity of the LUX brand identity, JDO created a new and highly animated device by way of the ribbons marque. The gold ribbons reflect pure glamour, ooze confidence and luxury and are both bold and impactful. The two sub ranges of Shine and Damage Repair are easily differentiated through the base pack colour with pink and bronze highlights. On shelf the LUX range combats the clutter with an elegant and refined presence.

Ben Oates, JDO Creative Director says, “Part of LUX’s success has been to continually breathe life into the brand and keep it relevant for its demanding consumers. The Japanese market is packed with innovative global and niche brands and it’s essential to not only stand out on shelf, but also to have a clear and compelling positioning and offer.”

Ana McMahon, Head of LUX in Japan commented, “JDO’s design is simple, modern and ownable, while the ribbons marque has iconic potential and is highly campaignable. The contemporary play on LUX gold equity is not only modernising the brand but also moving it to a more distinct and premium position.”

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